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Texas Defense Strategies takes an innovative and powerful approach in facilitating an effective legal defense by working directly with attorneys and their clients to achieve this goal. TDS uses skills from various disciplines to investigate static and dynamic facts about defendants. We provide an accurate, exhaustively researched personal profile of the defendant that is presented to the criminal court at the critical stages of the representation. This extensive profile delivers the most impact on any sentencing considerations made by the State.


TDS has gained valuable insight into the status quo legal defense being performed by attorneys at the pre-trial/post-trial (punishment phase) stages. We believe that with the integration of our services supplementing that representation, we can elevate the quality of effectiveness that the defendant rightfully deserves. TDS provides tangible documentation on the defendant’s behalf to combat any deficiencies in their legal representation. Currently it has been up to the attorney’s performance to effectively negotiate plea offers/counteroffers that are handled behind closed doors without supervision. What the attorney says and doesn’t say can be detrimental to the defendant’s ultimate freedom.


TDS complements the attorney’s representation by reflecting a positivist view interest in the defendant (not just the offence) and an overall view of the defendant’s personality. TDS has the opportunity to document the defendant’s standing in the community. Not just data from a legal-judicial source or from an investigative perspective, but from the viewpoint that best describes the defendant’s general lifestyle. All relevant aspects of the defendant’s personal history and background are explored.The report is designed to provide the court with a complete and concise picture of the defendant. We will intelligently frame the defendant’s life experiences in such a way that the prosecution can make a more informed decision on the outcome/disposition of the case. Selection of an appropriate sentence is one of the most important decisions to be made in the criminal justice system. TDS is a powerful resource to be utilized by the attorney to: increase the defendant’s possibilities of a more lenient plea offer from the prosecution; a sentencing consideration by the judge, or collaterally when the client enters TDCJ, or is up for review in the parole process.


All of TDS’s clients come directly from the advisement of the attorney and a request for our services.